Playgrounds For Kids

Nothing is more fun (other than fantastic vacations or Disney) than visiting a local playground and trying the slides, the monkey bars, the swings, and everything else they provide.  As a child, I enjoyed the playgrounds tremendously.  Today, there is competition with the electronics but a playing outdoors refreshes the kids’ mind more than playing video games. However, with rising pressure of studies and homework on children, they are not getting enough time to relax and indulge in outdoor activities. These activities not only develop the kid’s physical characteristics, but it also helps in developing the child’s mental abilities. Here is the list of top four playgrounds in the USA.

Playground For Kids

1. Woodland Discovery Playground in Memphis

This playground has the unique prestige of housing six separate play areas. This is the place where a kid can indulge in a variety of activities. It also has a separate parking space for vehicles. Many describe it as a whimsical caged that is nestled between lush green natural beauties. The sound of chirping birds is a perfect getaway for those kids who have an extra burden of studies on their shoulder. One can also find metal chutes and wooden towers. These types of wooden towers are suitable for kids who look for adventures. Moreover, one can play a wide array of games on this playground. It boasts of having world class amenities so that children playing inside the ground can stay safe. Moreover, one can also find numerous water parks that are styled in various themes to entertain kids. Even small toddlers can enjoy their free time in this type of playground.

2. The Imagination Playground in New York

This is one of the innovative playgrounds for kids in the USA. Many kids also opine that it is more on playing with stuff. Moreover, the children who study in school also have a habit of building forts and other castles. Moreover, there is the separate area for several toddlers and small children in which they can enjoy their free time. On the flipside, many guides can help in teaching the little children. Several climbing structures can be utilized effectively by many children to enjoy their past times. There is a slide which can entertain the kids in a significant manner. However, it should be kept in mind that the children should bring a change of clothes as it is entirely reasonable that the outfits of the children can get soiled by playing in this park. This park also boasts of a modern facility of cafeteria within its premises.

3. Harmony Park Musical Playground in Moab, UT

As the name suggests, this playground is for those kids who like to play in a musical background. Many children who have visited this playground are of the opinion that it resembles more like that of a Brazilian rainforest. It is situated in the Utah desert. It is a perfect place to encourage the little musicians so that they can create their tunes. Moreover, the playground also possesses a series of musical instruments like chimes and drums from which musical melodies can be made. There are xylophones through the help of which many tunes can be customized. Hence, it is quite evident that the children would learn lots of music by going to this unique Playground For Kids. There are other forms of entertainment for children. They include several climbing structures and wooden posts that can resemble the adventurous lifestyle of many people. On the flipside, parents of many children can enjoy the pleasant sounds of the afternoon concert.

4. Clemyjontri Playground in McLean

The unique feature of this playground lies in the fact that it is enormous in nature. Here, the kids can unwind properly. Moreover, there is a separate Rainbow Room where kids can be taught about colors and other educational aspects relevant to children. On the flipside, the Groovin and Moving Transportation area teaches children to balance their walking styles. There are ramps and other structures on which a child can relax in a proper manner. This playground is lush green and is blissful to a kid who wants to relax in this playing field.